Operate & scale your ERGs with ease.

We help people leaders make ERGs self-sustaining. We build the operating system needed to deliver on your people priorities.

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Trusted by our partners:

Helm is your backstage crew for ERGs.

Imagine leading ERGs without needing to do all the admin busywork to run the show.

What we're hearing:
The biggest challenge of ERGs has been getting them off the ground and visible.
ERG leader at Remote.com
How we help:

We're experts on running communities.

We've mastered the art of facilitating and scaling communities in today's digital world.

  • Automated Workflows

    Automate repetitive tasks for ERG admins using your exiting tech stack.

  • Centralized Knowledge Base

    Maintain a useful wiki of resources and processes for your ERGs.

  • Real-time ROI Analytics

    Keep track of the tangible impact that your ERGs make for your business.

Where we help:
Maintain executive by-in
Source more budget
Train effective leadership
Expand member paticipation
Improve with member feedback
Meet compliance standards
Remove administrative busywork
Increase employee belonging
When to work with us:

Kickstarting ERGs at my company.

Start off on the right foot. Ensure your program is designed for success.


Expanding our ERG program.

Take it to the next level. Set up an infrastructure that can handle growth.


Optimizing my ERG operations.

Make it all feel frictionless. Streamline processes and increase the impact.

Not sure if Helm is a good fit?

Let’s hop on a call and talk about your unique set of need. From there, we can see if it makes sense to work together.

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